Mission Statement

A very eventful few years has led me to keep in touch with the news in the US and around the world. Noticably, in the world, especially the US, the most talked about people are connected to each other. Some influence geopolitics and others make up the inner workings of the CIA and/or media organizations. In effect, the world is changing and two forces (or more) clash and fight for supremacy. A theme within the conspiracy community and now has become mainstream is Globalism vs Nationalism. Both are tools of the Elite that either want to spread the wealth of the few around or worship state instead of God. In reality both can bring hell on earth but require a pragmatic approach.  The problem is not the method, although that plays a signifcant role in tranforming geopolitics, but the people that “rule” the world. The “kings of the earth” that are behind the scenes creating turmoil throughout the earth. The truth is that our government and our world governments have entrenched themselves in the “swamp”, or rather the modern day “Sodom and Gomorrah.” I am referring to the sex trafficking, organ harvesting, blackmailing, money laundering, child exploitation, sex crimes with minors, perjury, pay to play (through various Foundations), obstruction of justice, and other felony crimes that are to numerous to number. Unfortunately, our politicians, our world govt organizations, our law officials have all been highly engrossed in such nefarious deeds. If one were to nimbly navigate through this mess unscathed, the next step would be to change things. In order to fix these things that would require a mastermind willing to sacrifice his entire life to making and abolition the old practices and put in place new and better ones. Some would say going to the old model would suffice, but things always go from bad to worse and bring us back to where we got here in the first place. Nevertheless, I want to inform the public on recent events and where they may lead. I want to inform the public about characters such as Henry Kissenger, the Clintons, Donald Trump, James Comey, George Soros, Rockerfellers etc. I will give a thorough background, examine their connections, and analyze their current influence of the political system. I will post irregularly, so I may post multiple things one day or nothing at all for a week.

Anyone can send me important links of interest. Discretion is advised.


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